A Guide to Choosing Bathroom Fittings for Your New Home

The bathroom is one of those spaces in the home that is used frequently. As such, you'd want to outfit this utilitarian zone with functional, quality fittings that are durable and easy to maintain. With so many choices of bathroom fittings available out there, choosing the right one can be daunting. So read this first before you go shopping.

What do I need to look out for when purchasing faucets?

When buying your faucet, ask about the type of faucet – ball, ceramic disc or cartridge – and whether replacement parts are available in the event of leaks or damage. Next, does the handle design matter? Yes, long handles are ideal if you have children or elderly staying with you. Also, ensure that it comes with an aerator.

What are some features to look out for when it comes to showerheads?

The water pressure determines the quality of your shower experience. That said, it can differ, depending on the age and type of residence, the number of bathrooms at home and the type of heater used.

With a typical household with adults and children, a sliding bar ensures that everyone enjoys their shower experience. A removable handheld shower is a versatile choice, ideal for bathing and washing sports gear and pets. A fixed showerhead that flows water directly from above is suitable for family members of different heights as well. However, you might also need to invest in a handheld shower for other cleaning tasks.

What are the different types of sinks available for small bathrooms?

The vanity is the most heavily used zone in the bathroom. Which is why sinks are no longer the style-less item they used to be. Popular sink designs include the pedestal, under-mount, semi-recessed and vessel sinks. The rule of thumb is, to minimise splashes and spills, look for wide and deep bowls.

Pedestal sinks are the most common types of sinks found in HDB homes as they take up less space as compared to vessel sinks. However, you can maximise every square inch of your bathroom with vessel sinks mounted on top of vanities, which in turn allows for the installation of cabinets below.

What are my options for water closets?

A bathroom essential, the humble water closet (WC) is perhaps the most overlooked fixture during the shopping process. There are essentially two types: the one-piece or two-piece WC. The two-piece WC is easy to transport and install. But, the seams that join the two parts can be hard to clean. One-piece WCs have no such seams, therefore eliminating the issue. They are typically more expensive than the two-piece ones.

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